Money is an incredible resource for making better life choices. No matter how much money you have, it's how you spend it that really matters. Here's why…

We engage with the flow of money more or less every day. Like the tides, we see it come and we see it go. Money is simply an exchange of energy, which is probably why its flow is aptly known as currency. But here's the magic…as with all energy, when we direct and use it wisely, we become truly empowered. We can make amazing better life choices simply through how we spend our money – choices that create positive possibilities for ourselves, our communities, and the wider world – and all it takes is awareness and a willingness to embrace a few changes.

So, are you ready to become financially empowered?

The first thing to do is review how you spend your money. Make a list of all outgoings – everything from rent and utility charges to those easily forgotten daily spends on snacks, papers, or parking fees. Once you've completed this exercise, you'll no doubt have quite a formidable and possibly thought-provoking list.

Now, take a closer look at these outgoings. Where is your currency flowing? Is this money being used as ethically as possible? Are there ways you can make better and healthier money choices?

Here are some ideas on how you might spend your money wisely…

* Support local and preferably organic farmers, growers and gardeners. They are doing their best to provide us with the healthiest foods and environments.

* Choose to spend your money with ethical and caring businesses – folks who lovingly deliver their services and have your best interests at heart.

* Take a look at the stuff you're buying. Do some research. Is it healthy? Is it good for you? Is it nurturing your soul? Is it needed? If not, choose something better. You do have choices, and you are so worth the best!

* When choosing gifts or treats, buy from wonderful creative folks – the artists, makers, crafters, musicians, story-tellers, recyclers, upcyclers – all those talented souls who have such beauty and creativity to share.

* Making any major purchases? If it's possible, make the most ethical and authentic choices. Sometimes, it's better to pay a little more if the currency is being put to the best use or simply if you like the energy of the people you're trading with.

* Spend your money on memorable experiences – see a band play live; go to a story-telling event; visit an artist's studio; take part in a nature conservation day (tree planting); or go dancing.

* Support fair trading, community and particularly smaller ventures with a positive, earth-friendly outlook.

You can review your spending choices even further by following the money. For example, look at how bigger companies (including stores, charities, banks and other institutions) use your cash. What do they invest in? Is it put to the best possible use? Do they really have your best interests at heart? If not, is there a better alternative?

'Feel' into how you spend your money. Become aware of its energy as a positive currency for change.

As always, do what you can, with what you have, and make sure it's a better life choice for you.

Even just one good spending choice makes a difference. So use your money power wisely. You are the change!