damon verialWhere are you based?

In constant travel. My business partner and I have offices in Taipei, Osaka and Seattle. I mainly run things virtually.

What do you do?

We look for products or services in local places that would sell well internationally. Currently, we are launching a product line that uses green tea and other traditionally Asian ingredients in cosmetic products. Our first product, Positive Essence, uses green tea extract in an anti-acne, anti-sebum and anti-wrinkle cream. poster


Immediately after I graduated university, I moved to Taiwan to study Chinese. I finished my graduate school education here and began working as a marketer, working with clients in academia. But I eventually realized there's more money to be made in international business. After my copywriting client told me he wanted to open an international marketing company, I immediately agreed to partner up with him. We have the advantage of speaking four languages between us and being able to find clients and market for clients internationally.

What inspires you about the work you do?

Meeting people from all over the world is a huge draw. Being able to find products and enter markets most other businesses ignore is another. Mainly, I like the feeling of helping others expand their businesses in ways they never thought would work (e.g., selling real estate property to investors halfway across the world).

What are your better life choices?

Learning foreign languages is a big one. I'm pretty sure if I didn't speak Chinese, we wouldn't be able to deal with Chinese companies. Even those companies that have English-speaking sales teams can misunderstand the deal. Being able to communicate with others as well as understanding the cultural differences is crucial in international business.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering doing what they love?

Just do it. The timing is never right. If you keep waiting for the right time, it will never come. It's better to start unprepared than to start late.




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