Detoxing your body may be something you do on a regular basis, but when did you last detox your home? Read on for some essential tips and choices on how to make your home environment a healthier and safe haven…

* Be conscious about what you're buying to clean your home. Many 'mainstream' cleaning products contain toxic chemicals. Choose natural, organic, eco-friendly household products, which eliminate some or all of the nasties.

* The air in your home can be highly polluted, especially if you regularly use chemical-laden air freshener sprays. Ditch those toxic sprays. Open your windows more and use an air purifier or a crystal salt rock lamp. If you love a fragrant home, opt for organically made incense sticks or 2 or 3 drops of natural essential aromatherapy oils in potpourri.

* Declutter your home and do so on a regular basis. Too much clutter is a breeding ground for germs and toxic dust, and it really messes with your Zen-like nature. Make less your bliss!

* Make your home a shoeless zone. Wear house slippers instead – and that applies to your visitors, too. Why bring all that outdoor dirt into your home? Yuck, no!

* Have you had a look at what's in your toothpaste, bath oils, and hair and make-up products? Just because they're for sale in your supermarket doesn't mean they are the healthiest choices! Take some time to learn about the chemicals that go into these regularly bought products. Choose organic or the most natural products wherever possible. And, do you really need all those products? Choices, choices!

* Watch for mold and mildew formation – particularly in damp areas such as bathrooms. Mold is toxic and can cause a multitude of health issues so use natural products to remove this problem (vinega can be useful!) and try to keep areas clean and dry.

* Buying new furniture or furnishings? Looking to redecorate? Do some research and choose the most environment and health-friendly options available.

* It's difficult to protect ourselves from electrical and radio wave radiation as we are constantly bombarded from all directions – particularly with all those mobile phone and WiFi waves. We can, however, reduce the amount of electrical energy emissions in the home by unplugging products when not in use. Don't leave your television on stand-by as it still uses and emits energy. Better still, get rid of the television! Reduce your electrical clutter.

* Good on you if you're making better food choices, but do check that your kitchen utensils are the healthiest to use. Where practical, choose glass containers instead of plastic. If you need to use plastic, opt for BPA-free plastic. (Bisphenol A has been linked to various health & hormonal conditions and some cancers.) For the same reason, avoid nonstick / teflon coated pots and pans.

Phew! You're probably thinking that there's a lot to consider to make your home a healthier environment -and these are just a few of the most common toxic issues. But don't panic! Making better life choices is all about becoming more conscious of where you are and what you do on life's journey. Even if you only make a few changes to create a healthier home, it will certainly make a difference.

By Carol Anne Strange