Numerology Explained

Numerology … Trust In The Numbers

Numerology explained: What is it and Does it Really Work?

Numerology is a belief system that hinges upon the divine correlation of numbers with personality traits, specific events of the past, present and future as well as compatibility, numerology finds its roots in several ancient cultures. Known to be practiced in Asia, Africa and South America, nearly all medieval religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam propagated some form of numerology.

Although modern day scientists dismiss it as a form of pseudomathematics, early mathematicians were keen practitioners of the system, as they worked under the belief that numbers were the universal language that was relayed from the Divine to the humans. Today, numerology believers can be found in all walks of life; from politicians to celebrities and even normal Joes and Janes are convinced that there are lucky and unlucky numbers which impact their lives.

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Numerology explained: The Science and Math Behind the System!

Present day numerologists primarily work with digits ranging from 0 to 9, although some also make use of double and triple digit numbers. A meaning is attached to each number and in order to derive a single digit, typically a value is assigned to every alphabet in a person’s name or the total of his birth date is used. The system of linking a numeric value to a sound or alphabet comes from the “sankhya tantra” of Hinduism and ‘gematrics’ of Judaism.

For instance, if you were born on February, 4th, 1980, your birth number will be (4+2+1+9+8= 24 and 2+4= 6). Similarly, ‘a’, ‘j’,’s’ have the numeric value of 1 while ‘b’, ‘k’, ‘t’ have been assigned the value of 2 and so on. Some numerologists also assign a number to planets, thus including an element of astrology in the calculations. 

Numerology Explained: How Do Numbers Impact Our Lives?

The number associated with your date of birth and/or your name impacts the cosmos and in turn your life. Each number is believed to have specific vibrations which are linked to its governing planet. These vibrations have a bearing on the behavior of a person as well as his romantic compatibility.

The foundation of numerology lies in the fact that everything in the world and the universe, to that matter, can be expressed numerically. This includes events of the past as well as those of the future. In fact, the secret to our very existence lies in numbers. A classic example of this is the Fibonacci sequence, which is also known as the divine ratio. This is seen in several biological settings. It is the living and irrefutable proof that numbers do impact every form of life, including humans. 

What are numerology calculations used for?

Numerology can be used to learn about your past, present and future. It can help you to understand the impact of your birth time and date on your life and personality and to even learn about future alliances, opportunities and failures. It is not unusual for people to seek the help of numerologists when despite their best efforts they find little success in their business ventures. Numerology insight is also sought to understand frequent discords between two people, whether they are linked personally or professionally.

Since numeric calculations can be used to understand your own weaknesses and strengths and even the challenges that you can expect during a certain period, these predictions help you to better prepare yourself for what’s to come. Because these readings can even reveal the purpose of your birth, it becomes easier for followers of the system to embark on the life journey that is meant for them.

Numerology Explained: The benefits of the system!

Determine romantic compatibility: A numerology reading can not only save you from investing time in a potential mate who ia just not right for you but also keep you away from heartbreak and the pain of a failed relationship. Compatibility is the key to all successful relationships and numerology helps you to determine what can be expected of a particular alliance.

Insight about your personality that can help you to get in control of your life: Understanding yourself, your goals, attitude and personal characteristics can help you immensely in making planned and intelligent decisions about all aspects of your life.

Get a glimpse into your future. Numeric calculations can be used to get an accurate idea of what you can expect in the month or even the year to come. Since preparedness is what will keep you away from disasters, learning what the future holds for you will undoubtedly equip you to handle untowardly situations better.

Numerology Explained: Irrefutable Proof that it Works!

• The negative connotations linked with the number 9 and 11 explained the WTC crash

• The occupy Wall St. Movement that would change the business world was predicted by a few numerology experts well in advance

• The menacing weather experienced all across the world, including the East Coast of the United States in 2012 was foretold the year before

For decades, numerologists have been bang on about their predictions concerning natural calamities, world events and even sports wins and losses. All of these are undeniable proofs of a system that works. Fortunately, the benefits of numerology need not be restricted to world altering events; these predictions are equally accurate when used in everyday life.

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