"I discovered how to completely cure myself from very serious health conditions and now I am so passionate to help other busy business professionals who are suffering the same fate."

Where are you based?

I am an Australian currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What do you do?

I provide Health and Life Coaching with emphasis on Yoga and Meditation for Weight-loss and Stress Management. I work with clients in person or via Skype individually or in groups.

What made you want to start your service?

I discovered how to completely cure myself from very serious health conditions and now I am so passionate to help other busy business professionals who are suffering the same fate. I can guide and coach them to impeccable health while maintaining their existing business or career. I coach the client to get the passion and balance back into their lives.

What's your background?

I spent the early part of my life working for myself in various businesses. After years of work building my business I suffered many health challenges due to the lack of self care. I eventually left my business life and studied various healing and health modalities like kinesiology, massage, Reiki, nutrition, psychology, grief counseling, life coaching, health coaching, yoga, meditation just to name a few. I completely reversed all of my serious medical conditions through a system I developed after many years of stress and burn-out.  I have combined all of my years of knowledge and experience through business and now coach busy business professionals how to reclaim their health and sanity while continuing to build or maintain their business.

What inspires you about the work you do?

My work is life changing. The positive impact on clients lives and the ripple effect it produces is so rewarding. It inspires me so much to work with people who see no future to building the life of their dreams.

Can you share an interesting fact about you or your business?

Yes sure, just recently I have been working with a client who was completely shattered after a turn of events in his live. He was so lost and felt so out of control he was contemplating suicide. After a few sessions together, things started to shift for him and now he has stabilized, stress levels have been considerably reduced and anxiety is disappearing. It is so rewarding to be invited into clients lives and to have a positive effect upon them that changes the course of their lives and those around them.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering doing what they love?

I would definitely encourage them to do whatever it is that makes their heart sing and which can bring value into the lives of those that work with them.

What other interests do you have?

I love to read books on business, personal development and transmit that information into my life and the life of my clients. I'm passionate about yoga, and the outdoors whether the mountains or the beach.

What's your better life choice?

Adding value to the lives of everyone I meet.

Any final words?

Spend most of your time doing what you are uniquely brilliant at and have someone else do the rest who are uniquely brilliant at that.


Website:  www.revisithealthmanagement.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/healthylifebalance


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