Living on the Land

Since 2003, Simon & Jasmine Dale have been living on the land, working in environmental projects and community and creating simple shelters that are in harmony with the natural landscape, ecologically sound and a pleasure to live in.  

Hobbit House

Simon and his father-in-law built the Hobbit House in Wales, with help from passers-by and visiting friends. It took 4 months, an estimated 1000-1500 hours of work and £3000 in materials. 

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Couple Builds Tiny House on Wheels


Andrew and Gabriella Morrison's quest to simplify their life has resulted in their own tiny house build complete with all mod-cons! They bought 5 acres of land to create their vision of off-grid tiny living, which has brought life-changing joy, freedom, and contentment.

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"Tiny House" Cabins Means Tiny Bills! 


Mark Burton from Tiny House UK creates custom built, fully insulated, luxury cabins, which are ideal for providing extra living space in your garden. They are fully mobile and are like a portable loft conversion for a fraction of the cost. 

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Holiday Accommodation? Try The UFO!


If you love the idea of tiny living, book a stay in a UFO. Suspended in the woods, the modern and comfortable UFO is built for five people, two adults in a double bed and three children, with separate beds, bathroom and living area.

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