Sue Doyle ~ EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Where are you based? 
Southport,  Merseyside, UK, but can offer my services worldwide via Skype!

What do you do? 

I am qualified in several energy healing modalities and trained in Hypnotherapy. I’m an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique, which is sometimes known as acupuncture without needles) and a practitioner of Matrix Reimprinting and ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics).

What is Matrix Reimprinting and ACE?

Matrixreimprinting transforms the event which caused an illness(whether in mind body or spirit) and reimprints,changes the event at a cellular level and creates understanding as to the cause of the challenge and so can change this into new experiences and learning. As a result, old patterns and habits no longer influence negative happenings in daily life and the new patterns formed begin to create positive events in life.

ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics) finds the conflict issue which caused the illness, clearing the energy around the event and finding the learning from it. Going into the areas (Brain Heart Gut) and the issue itself, the stuck energy is found and released. We learn from the experience, also going down the Timeline, to release generations from the old energies.

Can you share some background about yourself…

I have lived in Africa, Hong Kong, and France. In all of those experiences I found people and ways to help me in my own self-development. I love laughter as it is a wonderful medicine too. I love what I do and it is my passion to help people with what I have been given along the way.

What inspires you about the work you do?

I am inspired by the simplicity and yet depth of my therapies. I am inspired and touched when people are transformed with these therapies. It is a joy. The person does the healing and I just facilitate, as the only person I am responsible to heal is myself.
I often combine 3 modalities in a session and use my intuition when and where to use them.

What are your better life choices? 

I choose a healthy mind body and spirit. I choose to give and receive the best of my self and others.

Sue will facilitate a wonderful process of shift, transformation and change, helping you to be your truly authentic self! Visit her website today for more information…

Skype sessions possible!

Website: www.eftmatrixplus.co.uk


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