You know it's good to spend time in nature when…

* you feel your senses come alive

* every cell in your body resonates to nature's tune

* ideas flow effortlessly

* perceived problems and stresses just disappear or transform into solutions and ease

* the background noise of life floats away

* you remember how to play

* time stands still and you catch up with yourself

* your health improves

* breathing becomes deeper and each breath is energising

* you feel truly inspired

* your whole being starts to bubble and sparkle with joy

* you remember what really matters

* you feel a deep, heart-felt sense of connection with all that is

* you experience inner peace

This beautiful, wild and ever-evolving planet sustains us in so many wonderful ways – yet we seem intent on making it OUR planet where we control what lives and dies and where we take natures resources for granted.

Today, make it a better life choice to deepen your relationship with nature.

Take time out from that busy schedule, switch of your phone and head out into the coutryside, the shoreline or the wilderness and feel that fresh air in your lungs, take in the odour of the outdoors, marvel at the beauty that surrounds you and the miracle that is nature and all things living. Hear the birds, smell the flowers, taste the freshness and start appreciate who you are, what you've got and just how lucky you really are.

The space is there, it's all around and it's yours to share with all other forms of life from plants to insects, to animals and birds – life is all around you and that's why we should appreciate the truly amazing natural planet that we've got and live in harmony with all other forms of life – there's room for us all.