Better-Life-Choices speaks to Laara Copley-Smith about her raw food lifestyle and better food choices!



Name: Laara Copley-Smith
Location: Surrey, UK
Occupation: Garden & Landscape Designer
Also long term vegan, raw fooder who offers `Raw food life style coaching`.

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My Food Choices

Raw Food Vegan – I eat home grown organic produce during the UK growing season and also local grown produce when available.

I chose to eat this way because…
My food choices have been an evolving journey. I grew up in the country in a farming community in northern England, where I was a keen young horse woman spending much time on farms. At this time, I saw animals slaughtered, witnessed fox hunts and visited a slaughter house. On an  unconscious level, my mind, emotional self and food preferences were beginning to shift and I became a  vegetarian in my teens. Upon moving to London, my food choices gravitated towards healthier food. I started  eating more raw foods, which was a natural progression. The book `Raw energy` by Leslie Kenton inspired me further. By this time, I was also exploring energy work, spirituality, and crystals and I started  to grow my own vegetables. I also began to experience a deep sense of connection to the earth, my food choices and the planet. I progressed along this journey with food to heal a ` disordered eating ` pattern, which emerged during my early teenage years. This disconnected relationship between self and food had surfaced during a time when I was trying to understand my family history, multiple marriages of parents and my own self-blame. The exploration of healing, my spiritual-self, compassionate food, eating compassionately, raw foods, and growing my own food all played an important role in my healing. This journey was an internal revelation that we can heal. We can reconnect and we can let go of pain.

My typical meal choices for the day comprise of…
My diet is very simple and I eat mainly light, simple foods, which are high in vegetables with a fruit level that fluctuates depending upon what I am drawn to and what I feel my body needs. Vegetable and green juices are part of my daily routine, including approx. 1.5 litres in the morning  after exercise. I generally eat fruit whole and in the morning I may have my first mono meal. During the day I may have a simple salad or another vegetable juice, which would generally include root vegetables  as a source of fuel / energy. My salads are often made with just five or so vegetables and I may add a dressing, such as a blend of avocado, vegetables and fruits, but no refined oils. I often enjoy a mono  meal or a meal of 2-3 vegetables or fruits. My evening meal will be a large salad, raw soup or both. I enjoy sprouted seeds and micro greens depending upon how busy I am to prepare these. Simplicity is an important factor for me personally. My preference is for low fat foods. I find I have greater energy with foods which are easily digested. I don`t eat gourmet raw. Occasionally I may use a simple combination of greens with one fruit as a smoothie yet this is not often.

As a result of my food choices, I've noticed the following health and well-being benefits…
As an extremely sensitive soul I just could not eat any other way. It is also so long since I ate differently I don’t know how I would feel otherwise. What I do know is I am at peace with what I eat. There is no guilt or remorse. I feel connected to my food choices, in touch with where food comes from, how it is grown, and the earth and planet. I feel healed of the disordered eating pattern. I have clarity and focus within my life and I live a full and extremely busy lifestyle. I swim and stretch most  days. I am fulfilled and feel my food choices support me to keep stepping to the next level on my pathway.

Challenges involved concerning my food choices…
There are none, although many years ago I experienced (and still do occasionally) other people's views and lack of understanding about my choices.

My favourite recipe…
I generally don’t use recipes as I create salads, raw soups or juices by instinct and what I have available at any one time.

Cooking equipment / utensils I recommend…
A Juicer and blender.

Foods I highly recommend…
Fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, clean water, vegetable juices including green juices, raw soup and salads.

My thoughts for anyone wanting to improve their nutrition…
Decide what you want to achieve and why. Make sure it is for you, not others. Be  motivated. Create a list of what you like to eat and what items you see as your `guilty foods`. Create a list of alternative healthy foods you could choose to replace them. Start with small steps and be kind to yourself. Take each day at a time and embrace your new journey.


Would you like support and coaching to clean up your diet?

Feel lighter, be lighter and cleanse your body by introducing more raw foods to your diet. Whether you are looking to eat more raw foods, go raw and stay raw or to nourish your inner-self and outer-self on a deep and fulfilling level, `The Raw Food Garden` is the place to start.

Laara can support you to make the changes you wish to see with your diet and relationship with food. Laara is a long term vegan and seasoned raw food enthusiast. Passionate for healing and inner growth, let Laara help you step into your power so you can embrace life with a deeper level of exploration.


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