Time is precious. Once you've spent it, there are no refunds or returns. So, it makes sense to spend your time wisely. Here are a few timely tips to do just that…

* Make time for what really matters to you. If you're not sure what matters, then do some soul-searching, Look within. Discover your passions. Feel your way into understanding what makes you feel truly alive, and then give time to it. See where it takes you.

* Make it a priority to be with people and in situations that are uplifting, joyful, fun, meaningful, positive, and fulfilling. It's your lifetime, yes? Then decide how you wish to spend it.

* Do you really need to do so many chores? Can you reduce the amount of housework you do by being a little bit creative? Dust if you must, but give extra time to what you enjoy. You'd sooner have fun and do something meaningful, right?

* Have a plan on how you're going to spend your day, but do allow for those special moments of spontaneity. That's where the magic happens. Expect the most beautiful unexpected.

* Too busy with family, work, life? Too busy being of service to others? Review and prioritise. Achieve a healthier balance. Making time for you means a happier you, and your happiness will radiate to others. It's a win-win!

* Is your time well spent? The best way to answer that is with your heart. Do you feel your day has been productive? Are you happy and fulfilled? How do you feel? Let your heart be your guide.

Remember, when you come to the end of your journey on earth, you'll want to be sure that you lived fully and with joy.

Make time, spend time wisely but enjoy time of solitude and reflection and give the soul the break it needs from time to time

We all know that time is a big man-made illusion and is far more flexible and bendy with the right focus, but we still experience the passing of the days and seasons and it makes perfect sense to spend the time wisely.

So, co-traveller, what are you making time for today?

By Carol Anne Strange