Here are our suggestions for making soul-nurturing, fulfilling and meaningful better life choices. Perhaps you'll find something here especially for you…

Today, I will choose to do one or more of the following:

* Make my own meals completely from scratch, using organic, wholesome food.

* Make time to be in nature and sit in the sunshine or rain (whatever goes!)

* Find like-hearted friends who resonate with my positive outlook.

* Say YES more to what makes my soul sing.

* Create something that is meaningful to me.

* Support artists and ethical, organic ventures.

* Be conscious of how I use my time, gifts, money, and energy.

* Dance to my own tune. Dance lots!

* Listen to what my heart is saying and make choices based on how I 'feel'.

* Be the change I wish to see through the choices I make.

If you already do everything on this list, then we salute the amazing cosmic kin that you are, and simply suggest you keep on doing more of the same, but with an extra portion of love and sparkles.

At some stage in our lives most, if no all of us have asked ourselves "How can I feel better and healthier?" Well, there are so many ways in which you can do this – so many better paths to take but all must involve cleaning up the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. Take in as much of that fresh air as you can – and the fresher the better so get out of the city as much as you can, choose nature and the countryside and strive to improve the environment, not just for you but for everyone. Rid yourself of all those chemicals and additives in food and drink. Take in pure water – you don't need flavours or enhancements, keep it natural. Eat organic and enjoy the natural tastes of all the fresh foods you can get without the need for additives.