What are you thinking right now? How are you feeling? Are your thoughts happy, nurturing, positive, and expansive? If not, then maybe it’s time to make a better choice… one that will set you free.

You see, our thoughts are seeds. Given the right attention and conditions, those seeds grow. If we choose to plant positive, soul-nurturing seeds, we’ll attract the best possible results. So, what thoughts are you planting today? What are you growing?

There is a saying that goes something like this: where the attention goes, the energy flows. It’s the basis of the law of attraction. It has its roots firmly in physics. It’s a universal truth.

Our thoughts are potent bubbles of energy. They are the transmissions of possibilities. The more we focus on a certain thought, the more emotion drives this thought, and the more it will become manifest in our life.

This is why it’s very important to be careful what we wish for!

Life is what we make it. Our thoughts contribute in a significant way to making our life what it is.

So, how we experience life is a choice. We can choose to perceive it in any way we wish. If we choose to focus on seeing what’s good, that’s what we’ll see.

The key to creating a life of our choosing is being mindful of our thoughts… moment by moment by moment, from one day to the next, and on it goes. Mostly, we give little thought to the constant self-talk, the inner critic, the ego self. We’re not always aware that this inner chatter and gossip contributes to our experience of life, to the way we feel as we go about our day.

As we become more aware of our thoughts, we begin to realise our choices and see the ticket to freedom… being free of the walls and limitations our thoughts create.

So, where are your thoughts taking you today?

In Part 2, we’ll share some helpful tips on how to increase mindfulness and focus on manifesting a better life.