In Part 1, we reflected on how our thoughts and feelings create our experiences. When we are aware of this, we have the potential to transform ourselves. Now, in Part 2, we share some tips on how to increase awareness and manifest a better life.

Where are your thoughts right now? Do you have feelings that are weighing you down? Do you keep replaying past events or possible future scenarios at the expense of living right now?

Listen to your thoughts… all the constant chatter.

Feel the emotion that you’re holding in your body (anywhere that feels weak, tense or heavy?).

Tune in and use the following tips to expand your awareness and set you on course for a better life…

* At various times throughout the day, notice what you’re thinking. When you take notice, you can release any thoughts or feelings that aren’t nurturing you. You can change your focus. Breathe, and let go.

* Whatever emotions arise, just sit with those feelings for a moment. Don’t try to ignore or push those feelings away. They are there for a reason and it’s an opportunity to heal, reflect, nurture, transform, and revitalise. When something feels tough, tune into your heart. Love yourself and be love.

* Change what you can’t accept and accept what you can’t change. You have a choice.

* Watch you don’t become consumed with drama (your own or others). Stay clear of gossip or any situation that steals your energy and weighs you down. Yes, there are things in life that are dark and heavy. That’s the way it goes, but it’s not the only way. Don’t make it your journey!

* Watch your ego self. Your ego always wants you to be the best or the worst. Your ego can be a devil, but it’s there to work with. Make peace with your ego. Surrender to your heart.

* Are you criticising, ridiculing or judging others? Are your thoughts consumed by focusing on someone else? If so, why are you giving your energy away? Release what doesn’t nurture you and focus on your own life. You have your own work to do – your own joy to nurture.

* Always be gentle with yourself. Be in the heart. Be kind. Be still. Just be.

* Some people like to meditate and visualise, and this can be helpful, but if meditation isn’t your thing, choose to have regular moments of contemplation or reflection throughout the day or spend time being creative. Creativity in all its wonderful forms is an excellent focus, healer, and life transformer.

Remember, only YOU give your thoughts power.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

Have a beautiful day!